Hello. My name is Kez and this is my virtual business card.

I am a forex and cryptocurrency trader. I also help other people by teaching them to trade and letting them copy my forex signals, I take you through every step of the way
showing you how to open/place and close a trade.

You don't need any prior experience, anyone can learn to trade under my guidance. I know you're probably sceptical, that's why I offer a 60 day free trial with my signals, all you need is your own funds to trade with. After your free trial, once you are making regular profits from my signals, I charge a small fee each month to continue using my signals.

If you would prefer to learn to trade and not just ‘COPY' me, I have put a link to a good Forex Course in my virtual business card below; so you can learn to trade yourself.

If you are already a client of mine and are copying my trades, I would still recommend these courses as it teaches you to trade, reach charts and predict the markets so you can become a successful trader like myself.

If you're interested in cryptocurrency and learning all about crypto, I highly recommend checking out our course. Paying for the crypto course will give you instant access to my team & team chat. Remember the crypto and forex are two separate ventures, you can choose one or the other or combine both to maximise your profits.

Forex Course

This is the best paid forex course you will find with 40% discount. If you wish to learn how to trade yourself. Find which trades are profitable yourself and not just COPY my trades then this is for you. This is also very simple but it is still easier to copy my trades if you don’t think you’re capable to learn yourself. which if you prefer that you would need to Whatsapp me regarding starting a 60 day free trial

Crypto Team Access

This course will teach you everything you need to learn about Cyrptocurrency, including where to find ICO's and get in on the latest crypto airdrops. You will also be added to a team chat where you will get access to help and support from our dedicated crypto team. The crypto course is ideal for someone who doesn't have a lot of disposable cash to invest as you can participate in tons of free ICO's and get your hands on some free crypto. This course is just £300 for lifetime help and support and will teach you everything you need to know about crypto and has the potential to make you some serious cash from little to no investment.

Trading Team

Want to copy my exact forex trades and profit every time I make profit? Simply join my Trading team. All that is required is as little as £300 to open a trading account, start investing and copying my signals. If you click this it will send me a message on Whatsapp and you can start your 60-day free trial or allow you to ask me any questions before you start trading with me. Please do not message me if you don’t have your own funds to trade with as this would be wasting my time and your own.

What is Project 5k?

Project5k is a project that helps get all of my clients earning £5k in 5 months time. You can do this by joining our trading team and our crypto team or taking our courses. We can gurantee if you join any of our teams we will seriously help you change your financial situation for the better..


My personal YouTube channel where I allow you access to my day to day life. It's a lifestyle and travel vlog, showing you little glimpses of what it's like to be a successful trader and the lifestyle that you could be living if you joined my team. Feel free to look at my channel and don't forget to subscribe!


If you have SnapChat add me, I regularly post successful trades and profits that my team are making to SnapChat. I also post lifestyle and travel snaps to show you how luxury living can be obtained through trading with me.

My Story

This is my personal website, it tells you a little bit about me, my past and how I came to start trading. If you want to get to know me a little bit better and on a personal level, feel free to check out my personal website.

Beard Transplant Package

Interested in a beard or Hair transplant from where I got mine done? Click here to contact the doctor who did mine. He has a special offer on so you get treatment and accommodation all included for £1800. Only serious people who are interested contact the doctor.

GRF Diet

Over the years I have lost a lot of weight and I’ve managed to get a 30% discount link on the Diet plan I used. So if you and If you want to lose weight quickly and healthily visit and purchase the Weight loss Guide I've been using!

Exotic Dogs

I own a handful of rare dogs. A lot of my dogs are import from other countries. Most of my dogs come from Working protection backgrounds. Due to my lifestyle its important I have dogs like this in the family. I got stabbed due to my lifestyle in January 2018. So I decided to get into breeding protection dogs also as it seems a good thing to do to add protection to family homes.


This is my personal Instagram. You can contact me here if you have any questions regarding my team, 60 day free trial, or any of the the courses. also.